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Inventory of Reforms

The Inventory of Reforms provides detailed information about the many reform initiatives in Canada. Entries pertain to changes in court procedures, legal aid, public legal education and related information programs.

Please direct questions about the Inventory of Reforms to communications@cfcj-fcjc.org

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Year Title Jurisdiction
2012 Joint Ventures Alberta
2011 Seniors-only Housing Nova Scotia
2011 Awards of Costs and Access to Justice Saskatchewan
2011 Administrative Adjudicative Decisions: Statutory Review Mechanisms Alberta
2011 Estate Administration Alberta
2011 Report on Section 29(2) of the Land Title Act and Notice of Unregistered Interests British Columbia
2011 Modernization of the Provincial Offences Act Ontario
2011 Joint and Several Liability Under the Ontario Business Corporations Act Ontario
2010 Consultation Paper: Civil Rights in Saskatchewan Long-term Care Facilities Saskatchewan
2010 The Matrimonial Property Act: A Case Law Review Alberta
2010 Vancouver Justice Access Centre Self-help and Information Services (previously BC Supreme Court Self-Help Information Centre) British Columbia
2010 Transition to the New Rules of Court Alberta
2010 Report on New Probate Rules British Columbia
2010 Wills and the Legal Effects of Changed Circumstances Alberta
2010 Limitations Manitoba
2010 The Rule Against Perpetuities Nova Scotia
2010 Workplace Dispute Resolution Project British Columbia
2009 BC Distance Mediation Project British Columbia
2009 Manitoba Family Law Access Centre (FLAC) Manitoba
2009 Evaluation of the Nova Scotia Small Claims Court Nova Scotia
2009 New Brunswick Family Court Pilot Project New Brunswick
2009 New Brunswick Family Law Information Centre (FLIC) New Brunswick
2009 Clicklaw British Columbia
2009 Contracts for the Sale and Purchase of Land: Purchasers’ Remedies Canada
2009 Federal Court Rules – Summary Judgement and Summary Trial (Rules 213 to 219) Federal
2009 Nova Scotia Action for Claim Valued Under $100,000 (Rule 58) Nova Scotia
2009 Contaminated Sites in Nova Scotia Nova Scotia
2009 Improving Administrative Justice in Manitoba: Starting with the Appointments Process Manitoba
2009 Report on Proposals for a New Commercial Tenancy Act British Columbia
2009 Report on Proposals for a New Commercial Tenancy Act British Columbia
2009 Waivers of Liability for Sporting and Recreational Injuries Manitoba
2008 Manitoba First Choice Dispute Resolution Pilot Project Manitoba
2008 Enduring Powers of Attorney Manitoba
2008 Federal Court Rules – Expert Witnesses Federal
2007 Yukon Family Law Case Conferences (Practice Direction 40) Yukon
2007 Yukon Family Law Information Centre Yukon
2007 Yukon Judicial Settlement Conference (Rule 37) Yukon
2007 Summary of Ontario Expert Evidence Rules – Cost of Justice Ontario
2007 Ontario Summary Judgment (Rule 20) Ontario
2007 Prince Edward Island Study on Self Represented Litigants Prince Edward Island
2006 Saskatchewan Small Claims Court – Case Management Conference Saskatchewan
2006 Federal Electronic Filing Service Federal
2006 Newfoundland and Labrador Electronic Filing Newfoundland and Labrador
2006 Canadian Judicial Council Statement of Principles on Self-represented Litigants and Accused Persons National
2006 New Brunswick Simplified Procedure (Rule 79) New Brunswick
2005 Nova Scotia Family Law Information Centres (FLICs) Nova Scotia
2005 Newfoundland and Labrador Case Management (Rule 18A) Newfoundland and Labrador
2005 BC Court Services Online (Electronic Filing) British Columbia
2005 Ontario Telejustice Project Ontario
2005 BC Supreme Court Rules Fast Track Litigation (Part 15) British Columbia
2005 Nova Scotia Civil Rules Revision Project Nova Scotia
2005 Toronto Case Management (Rule 78) Ontario
2004 BC Family Mediation Practicum Project British Columbia
2004 BC Court of Appeal Settlement Conference Program British Columbia
2004 Alberta Law Line Alberta
2004 Nova Scotia Self-Represented Litigants Project Nova Scotia
2004 Ontario Court Case Tracking System (FRANK) Ontario
2004 BC Court of Appeal Case Tracking and Management System (WebCATS) British Columbia
2004 BC Supreme Court Scheduling System (SCSS) British Columbia
2004 Alberta Class Proceedings Act Alberta
2003 Nova Scotia Summary Advice Counsel (SAC) Nova Scotia
2003 Newfoundland and Labrador Court Ordered Mediation (Rule 37A) Newfoundland and Labrador
2001 Alberta Intake and Caseflow Management Alberta
2001 BC Facilitated Planning Meetings Program (FPMP) British Columbia
2001 Family Mediation Services Program (Nunavut Pathfinder Project – Inuusirmut Aqqusiuqtiit) Nunavut
2001 Prince Edward Island Task Force on Access to Justice Prince Edward Island
2001 Alberta Rules of Court Project Alberta
2001 BC Streamlined Chambers Process (Rule 51A) British Columbia
2001 Akitsiraq Law School Nunavut
2001 Halifax Case Management Nova Scotia
1999 Legal Aid Ontario Family Law Offices Ontario
1999 Ontario Family Law Information Centres Ontario
1999 New Brunswick Small Claims Court New Brunswick
1999 Newfoundland and Labrador Mediation Pilot Project in Small Claims Court Newfoundland and Labrador
1999 Ontario Mandatory Mediation Program (Rules 24.1 and 75.1) Ontario
1999 Legal Aid Ontario Family Law Expanded Duty Counsel Ontario
1999 Alberta Discovery Amendments – Cost of Justice Alberta
1998 BC Family Justice Registry (Rule 5) British Columbia
1998 BC Parenting After Separation Program British Columbia
1998 BC Small Claims Court Mediation Program (Rule 7.2) British Columbia
1998 Alberta Provincial Court Civil Claims Mediation Alberta
1998 Court of Appeal of Québec Mediation Service Program Quebec
1998 Federal Court Rules – Case Management and Dispute Resolution Services (Part 9) Federal
1998 Alberta Streamlined Procedure (Part 48) Alberta
1998 Alberta Summary Trial Rules Alberta
1998 BC Fast Track Litigation (Rule 66) British Columbia
1998 Prince Edward Island Simplified Procedure (Rule 75.1) Prince Edward Island
1998 Québec Civil Procedure Review Quebec
1998 Federal Court Rules – Simplified Actions (Rules 292 – 299) Federal
1997 Alberta Family Law Information Centres Alberta
1997 Saskatchewan Small Claims Court Saskatchewan
1997 Ontario Case Management (Rule 77) Ontario
1997 Prince Edward Island Case Management Prince Edward Island
1996 Manitoba Case Management of Family Matters (Rule 70) Manitoba
1996 Northwest Territories Case Management (Part 19) Northwest Territories
1996 Manitoba Expedited Actions (Rule 20A) Manitoba
1995 Yukon Small Claims Court Yukon
1995 Saskatchewan Queen’s Bench Mandatory Mediation Saskatchewan
1994 Manitoba Judicially Assisted Dispute Resolution (JADR) Manitoba
1993 BC Small Claims Court Settlement Conference (Rule 7) British Columbia
1993 Tax Court Status Hearings (Rule 125) Federal
1992 BC Child Protection Mediation Program British Columbia
1991 BC Small Claims Court Reforms British Columbia
1990 Ontario Small Claims Court Ontario
1989 Manitoba Summary Judgment and Expedited Trial (Rule 20) Manitoba
1988 Manitoba Small Claims Court Manitoba
1985 Prince Edward Island Inquiry Line Prince Edward Island
1984 Manitoba Justice Child and Family Services Division: Family Conciliation Manitoba
1983 BC Summary Trial (Rule 18A) British Columbia
1980 Nova Scotia Small Claims Court Nova Scotia
1979 Newfoundland and Labrador Small Claims Court Newfoundland and Labrador
1975 Manitoba Law Phone-In Program and Lawyer Referral Program Manitoba
1972 New Brunswick Court Social Worker Program New Brunswick
1971 Provincial Court of Alberta, Civil (Small Claims Court) Alberta
1950 Alberta Family Court Counsellors Alberta