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Deborah Doherty, Jun 04, 2014

I would like to share the Findings of an Evaluation Study that was undertaken to assess the impact of family law workshops for individuals handling their own family law matters.  This initiative was developed by Public Legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick with Access to Justice funding from the Law Foundation of Ontario.  The evaluation shows that individuals who participated in the workshop felt better prepared to complete court forms, more knowledgeable about navigating the family justice system and much less stressed.  In fact, as a result of...

John-Paul Boyd, Jun 02, 2014

In a recent meeting with the editorial board of the Edmonton Journal, Premier Dave Hancock expressed his enthusiasm for a unified family court. Quoting from an article published in the Calgary Herald in 27 May 2014

“It would be more efficient if we had — I’m going to say this out loud and get in trouble — a unified family court, so that there was one court that dealt with all of the issues with respect to child, family, divorce, and...

Mark Benton, Apr 07, 2014

From Jacqueline Wood at LSS:

 It’s been a year since the Family Law Act came into force and that year has been a big one for our Family Law in BC website (FLWS). On March 18, 2013, the Family Law Act (FLA) came into force, bringing major changes to family law in BC. Leading up to that date, the FLWS was completely overhauled so that it was 100% accurate for the new law.

With a change in law that big, you’d expect the FLWS to get some extra attention. We did. What we didn’t expect though was the scale of the attention and how...