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Are health problems legal problems in disguise?

Access to justice as a social determinant of health Social Determinants of Health It is well understood that those at the bottom of the social gradient have shorter life expectancies and experience more health problems at a higher rate than those who are well-off. The societal factors that cause this disparity are referred to by...

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Innovating Justice: Ideas from the Netherlands

The semi-annual meeting of the International Legal Aid Group (ILAG) is the pre-eminent international legal aid conference in the world. Delegates from about 25 countries, including Asian, African and Latin American nations, attend this conference. The focus of the ILAG is on access to justice in European nations, as well as other common law countries....

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The State of Civil Legal Aid in Canada: By the Numbers in 2011-2012

Introduction Historically, legal aid was the first response to the access to justice problem. At present it occupies by far the largest terrain in the access to justice landscape in Canada. Access to justice in Canada is poised on the edge of significant changes encouraged by the work of the National Action Committee on Access...

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