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Human-Centered Design and the Justice System: Lessons from the Field

Nicole Alywin

Thursday, June 30, 2016

The best way to improve any system is to work with and receive feedback from the individuals who are engaged in that system. In her recent trip to the Yukon, CFJC Research Fellow and Winkler Institute Assistant Director Nicole Aylwin met with the Yukon Courts, Department of Justice, and other justice stakeholders to discuss the benefits of a “Human-Centered Design” (HCD) approach to civil justice reform. This approach has led to several recommended improvements in the civil justice system, including the complete redesign of the family law statement of claim as part of the Yukon Simplified Form Innovation Project. To read about Nicole’s reflections from the Yukon summit and her work using the HCD approach to civil justice reform click here.

**Nicole Aylwin’s article, Human-Centered Design and the Justice System: Lessons from the Field, was written for, and originally published on www.slaw.ca**