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British Columbia’s Civil Resolution Tribunal Launches Implementation Website

Sabreena Delhon

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

This week British Columbia’s Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT) launched an implementation website that will provide BC residents with information about the progress and development of the CRT’s work. 

According to the website, “the CRT is going to be very different from other dispute resolution options that been available in British Columbia. The CRT will give you choices about how, when and where you resolve small claims and strata property (condominium) disputes.” The CRT is motivated to empower “people to become actively engaged participants in their justice system.” 

Beyond merely providing information, the implementation website will allow the public to ask questions and provide comments to the CRT team. The CRT is committed to making the tribunal as easy-to-use and accessible as possible, and encourages the public to get in touch with them through the website.  Not only will the site offer updates on the CRT it will also feature expert guest posts – so be sure to check back often.  

To learn more about this important work check out this paper from CRT Chair, Shannon Salter. The paper was presented last month at the Osgoode Forum on Administrative Law and Practice in Toronto and the CLEBC Administrative Law Conference in Vancouver.