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Inventory of Reforms

The Inventory of Reforms provides detailed information about the many reform initiatives in Canada. Entries pertain to changes in court procedures, legal aid, public legal education and related information programs.

Please direct questions about the Inventory of Reforms to communications@cfcj-fcjc.org

Year Title Jurisdiction
2010 Transition to the New Rules of Court Alberta
1985 Prince Edward Island Inquiry Line Prince Edward Island
2005 Ontario Telejustice Project Ontario
2004 Ontario Court Case Tracking System (FRANK) Ontario
2004 Nova Scotia Self-Represented Litigants Project Nova Scotia
1975 Manitoba Law Phone-In Program and Lawyer Referral Program Manitoba
1999 Legal Aid Ontario Family Law Expanded Duty Counsel Ontario
2009 Clicklaw British Columbia
2005 BC Court Services Online (Electronic Filing) British Columbia
2004 Alberta Law Line Alberta
2011 Administrative Adjudicative Decisions: Statutory Review Mechanisms Alberta
2010 Vancouver Justice Access Centre Self-help and Information Services (previously BC Supreme Court Self-Help Information Centre) British Columbia
2007 Yukon Family Law Information Centre Yukon
2005 Nova Scotia Family Law Information Centres (FLICs) Nova Scotia
2004 BC Family Mediation Practicum Project British Columbia
2003 Nova Scotia Summary Advice Counsel (SAC) Nova Scotia
1999 Ontario Family Law Information Centres Ontario
1999 Legal Aid Ontario Family Law Offices Ontario
1998 BC Parenting After Separation Program British Columbia
1997 Alberta Family Law Information Centres Alberta
1984 Manitoba Justice Child and Family Services Division: Family Conciliation Manitoba
1950 Alberta Family Court Counsellors Alberta