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Report on Proposals for a New Commercial Tenancy Act


The Commercial Tenancy Act Reform Project began in the summer of 2007, with a
mandate to study British Columbia’s major commercial leasing statute and to make
recommendations for its reform. Work on the first phase of the project progressed
throughout the fall of 2007 and the winter and spring of 2008, concentrating on ex‐
amining the deficiencies of the current legislation and studying leading models for
reform. This phase of the project culminated in the publication in September 2008 of
the Consultation Paper on Proposals for a New Commercial Tenancy Act. The consul‐
tation paper asked for public comment on fifty‐eight tentative proposals for reform.
After a six‐month consultation period ended in March 2009, the second phase of the
project began. This phase focussed on considering the responses to the consultation
paper, settling the project’s final recommendations, and implementing those regula‐
tions in draft legislation. The Report on Proposals for a New Commercial Tenancy Act
is the culmination of all this work on the project.




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