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Nova Scotia Family Law Information Centres (FLICs)


Information centres for self-represented litigants with family law issues located in the courthouses.


Ongoing pilot


Nova Scotia


Supreme Court (Family Division)

Body Responsible: 
  • Nova Scotia Department of Justice
  • Supreme Court, Family Division
March 2004 SRL Report released
January 2005 FLIC opened in Sydney
April 2005 FLIC opened in Halifax


In March 2004, Nova Scotia Department of Justice, Court Services as part of a Needs Assessment Study on Self-Represented Litigants made a recommendation (Recommendation #20) that "Departmental support, including allocation of resources, [be provided] for the creation of an information centre for self-represented litigants at the Halifax site of the Supreme Court (Family Division) in the immediate future" (SRL Report at 50).

Following this recommendation, Family Law Information Centres (FLICs) were opened in 2005 on a pilot basis at the Family Courts in Sydney and Halifax. It is a joint project of the Nova Scotia Department of Justice and the Supreme Court, Family Division.


Enhance the effectiveness, efficiency of and access to courts.

Description of Reforms: 
FLICs offers free legal information and occasional sessions related to family law issues. Legal advice is not provided.
FLIC goals are to:
  • offer information about court processes, legal topics, and court services
  • develop and offer family law information clinics
  • make referrals to community agencies and programs
  • offer computer access
You can get information at a FLIC about:
  • court processes and forms
  • how to find a lawyer
  • alternatives to court
  • effects of separation and divorce on children
  • community resources
FLIC staff can:
  • help you understand the court process
  • provide you with court forms
  • help you find free information about your particular legal issue
  • explain how to get your own lawyer
  • refer you to services and resources in your community (Website)


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