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Inventory of Reforms

Manitoba Family Law Access Centre (FLAC)


Law Society of Manitoba pilot project that will provide reduced-cost representation to litigants who do not qualify for legal aid to assist them with their family law cases.

Pilot Project


Body Responsible:
Law Society of Manitoba

Manitoba Family Law Access Centre (FLAC) – Law Society of Manitoba
New Legal Aid for Middle Class

The Law Society of Manitoba has approved the creation of The Family Law Access Centre (FLAC), which is expected to be up and running early in 2010. The budget for the pilot project has been set at $250,000. FLAC will service the middle class – those who do not qualify for legal aid, but cannot easily afford legal services to assist them with their family law cases, such as divorce, child custody and spousal support.

To improve the accessibility of legal services in family law cases to the middle class.

Description of Reforms:
The LSM will act as a brokerage house in family law matters by buying legal services at a discount from private bar lawyers and then making them available to those in the middle of the socio-economic spectrum, provided they meet certain financial criteria. The LSM will also handle client billing and will guarantee payment to participating lawyers, eliminating a major administrative headache…

Before would-be clients can avail themselves of the lawyers participating in FLAC, they will be subject to a full financial assessment, including an examination of their income, debts, assets, tax returns, family size and number of dependents. If they land in the appointed range, they’ll be accepted into the program. If they fall below, they’ll be referred to legal aid and if they make too much money, they’ll be asked to hire a lawyer on their own.

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