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Inventory of Reforms

Alberta Family Law Information Centres


Alberta Justice’s courthouse centres providing legal information and referrals to litigants with family law issues.

Permanent implementation


Body Responsible:
Alberta Justice – Family Justice Services

1997: Edmonton and Calgary locations opened as pilots
2007: Red Deer and Lethbridge locations opened

Alberta, Family Law Act, S.A. 2003, c. F-4.5.
Family Law Information Centre (website) (Alberta Justice, 2007).
Inventory of Government Based Family Justice Services: Family Law Information Services / Family Resource Centres / Family Justice Centres (Alberta) (Department of Justice Canada, 2007).

The FLICs, initially called the Child Support Centre, began as a source of information on the Federal Child Support Guidelines when they were first released. The name was changed in 2000 to the Family Law Information Centre.

The Edmonton Centre began with 2 lawyers and 2 judicial clerks providing information to the public and members of the legal profession. The Calgary Centre began with 2 lawyers and 1 clerk.

Over time, the centres expanded their services by developing information booklets, programs and courses for parents, and providing referrals.

In October of 2005, the Family Law Act streamlined the family law services in Alberta. Rather than have separate services for each court, the services were brought together under the Family Justice Services.

The FLICs were established in response to the growing number of family law inquires, and specifically, the growing number of self-represented litigants (SRLs) in the justice system. By providing a source of family law information for people, delays are avoided and SRLs are capable of accessing the information they require for their cases.

Description of Reforms:
FLICs are located in Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Grande Prairie, and Medicine Hat.

The FLIC provides people with information about:

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