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Justice is about fairness, equality, morality and active societal participation
"I guess justice to me has to do with fairness and it's more than a legal issue -
it's a moral issue
and it has to do with equality and inequality..."
Not everyone has equal access to justice
"people with money
have access to more justice than people without."
People often feel alienated by the system
"The language of justice
tends to be a bit ... foreign to most people."
People should have a right to justice
"Yeah, of course -
every citizen
should have a right to justice."
Justice is a fundamental issue
"It is a crucial question...
I think that's part of what a democratic society is all about."
"It should be equally important
as our health care system..."
Justice should be made simpler, cheaper and faster
"I know horrendous stories about people seeking justice and they went 18, 20 years before it was decided. And when it was finished, when all was said and done,
they didn't really get justice"
Education, prevention and understanding are important aspects of justice
"We don't do enough to inform the public
- we do a lot to reprimand them but we don't do enough to inform them..."
The cost of not making justice accessible needs to be considered
"I work three jobs.
Am I gonna take off .. my full day to pursue this? Probably not, so I'm just gonna let this slide."
Access to justice means more than simply providing access to lawyers – it’s about...
The good life