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Cost of Justice

The Cost of Justice project (2011-2018) examines the social and economic costs of Canada’s justice system. Comprised of leading access to justice researchers investigating the various dimensions of cost across the country, the Cost of Justice project is producing empirical data that will inform the future of access to justice in Canada. This research is supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

Research Alliance


Trevor Farrow (Principal Investigator)
Lesley Jacobs
Diana Lowe
Lisa Moore
Nicole Aylwin


Nigel Balmer, PhD
Faculty of Law, University College London

Barbara Billingsley, LLM
Faculty of Law, University of Alberta

Andrew Cannon, PhD
Magistrate’s Court, South Australia Government

Judith Fordham, PhD
Jury Research Group, University of Western Australia

Ian Greene, PhD
School of Public Policy and Administration, York University

Dame Hazel GENN, LLD
Faculty of Law, University College London

David Hyman, MD, JD
College of Law, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Krista James, LLB
British Columbia Law Institute

Erik Knutsen, LLM
Faculty of Law, Queen’s University

Herbert Kritzer, PhD
University of Minnesota Law School

Douglas May, PhD
Department of Economics, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Geoffrey Mulherin, PhD
Law and Justice Foundation of New South Wales

Pascoe Pleasence, PhD
Faculty of Law, University College London

Rebecca Sandefur, PhD
American Bar Foundation

Noel Semple, PhD
Faculty of Law, University of Toronto

Lorne Sossin, PhD
Osgoode Hall Law School, York University

Rollie Thompson, LLB
Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University

Michael Trebilcock, LLM
Faculty of Law, University of Toronto

Albert Yoon, PhD
Faculty of Law, University of Toronto

Neil Vidmar, PhD
Duke University School of Law

David Wiseman, SJD
Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa

Research Alliance

  • The Advocates’ Society
  • Alberta Justice
  • Alberta Motor Association Insurance Services
  • American Bar Foundation
  • Association of Canadian Court Administrators
  • Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration
  • British Columbia Law Institute
  • Canadian Association of Provincial Court Judges
  • Canadian Bar Association
  • Canadian Bar Association – Alberta Branch
  • Canadian Institute for Administration of Justice
  • Canadian Judicial Council
  • Community Legal Education Ontario
  • Consumers Council of Canada
  • Department of Justice Canada
  • Dynamic Lawyers
  • Federation of Law Societies of Canada
  • Focus Consultants
  • Government of Saskatchewan, Ministry of Justice and Attorney General
  • Government of Scotland, Justice Department Services
  • Government of Yukon, Department of Justice
  • Justice Canada
  • Law 21
  • Law Commission of Ontario
  • Law Reform Commission of Nova Scotia
  • Law Reform Commission of Saskatchewan
  • Legal Education Society of Alberta
  • Ministry of the Attorney General of British Columbia
  • Nova Scotia Department of Justice
  • Public Legal Education Association of Canada
  • University of Alberta – Faculty of Law
  • University of Alberta – Office of the Vice President (Research)
  • University of Alberta – School of Business
  • University of Toronto – Centre for the Legal Profession
  • York Centre for Public Policy and Law