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Nicole Aylwin, Jul 23, 2014

In November of 2013, Alberta Justice and Solicitor General convened leaders in the civil and family justice system at a "Joint Action Forum" to begin a process to improve access to justice in Alberta's civil and family justice system. 

A summary report, entitled "What Was Heard", captures the discussions that took place at Joint Action Forum and is now available online.

This effective report lays out several “visions” for the Alberta civil and family justice system. These visions paint a picture of a justice system that:

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John-Paul Boyd, Jun 02, 2014

In a recent meeting with the editorial board of the Edmonton Journal, Premier Dave Hancock expressed his enthusiasm for a unified family court. Quoting from an article published in the Calgary Herald in 27 May 2014

“It would be more efficient if we had — I’m going to say this out loud and get in trouble — a unified family court, so that there was one court that dealt with all of the issues with respect to child, family, divorce, and...