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Paths to Justice and the Resolution of Consumer Problems

Les Jacobs, David Kryszajtys, Matthew McManus

Thursday, March 31, 2016

As a part of the CFCJ’s SSHRC-funded Cost of Justice project, Dr. Les Jacobs, David Kryszajtys and Matthew McManus examined the ways that Canadians try to resolve their consumer problems. In particular, their research looks at patterns in the decision to access the formal legal system to resolve one or more consumer problem, based on ethnicity, level of education and income. The data used for this study comes from the CFCJ’s nationwide Everyday Legal Problems and The Cost of Justice in Canada survey. Read Paths to Justice and the Resolution of Consumer Problems: Findings from the 2014 Everyday Legal Problems and the Costs of Civil Justice in Canada National Survey in full here and view slides from a recent presentation on Everyday Consumer Legal Problems, posted on the CFCJ website here.