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Accessing justice… from the cottage?

Nicole Alywin

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

In August I get more of “Out of the Office” automatic email replies than any other month. I suspect (and am very envious of the fact) that many people have fled their offices, trading them in for lakes, canoes, cottages and long summer days on the beach. So in honour of this exodus, and as a reminder that not everyone has easy access to the people and services that administer justice, we’ve complied on our blog some of the most recent papers on A2J and technology for you to read on the dock. We’ve also included the links to some new (and often controversial) A2J initiatives that that are attempting to make access to justice easier, more efficient, and more widely available. Happy summer!

Read about it: A2J & Technology Papers

See it in action: Innovative A2J Online Initiatives

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What others are saying:


Interesting note: Gripevine contains at least one complaint against the Canadian Justice System: http://gripevine.com/business/law-society-upper-canada-20807752

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