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Access to Justice Advocate – Marian MacGregor

Nabila Khan, Lisa Moore

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Much of the work that is being done to improve access to justice for Canadians comes down to access to justice advocates. As a part of our efforts to highlight the diverse range of individuals working across the access to justice landscape, the Canadian Forum on Civil Justice is resuming our Access to Justice Advocates series, a vlog that presents profiles of people who bring unique perspectives and make valuable contributions to the issue of access to justice in Canada.

We are thrilled to resume our Access to Justice Advocates series with Marian MacGregor, Adjunct Faculty Member at Osgoode Hall Law School and Clinic Director at the Community & Legal Aid Services Programme (CLASP).

CLASP is a legal clinic located at Osgoode Hall Law School that provides free legal assistance to persons with legal problems who cannot afford a lawyer. CLASP was established in the 1960s and since then, they have helped myriad low income Torontonians with problems related to Family Law, Criminal Law, Employment, Human Rights, Criminal Injuries, Compensation and Disability. As Clinic Director at CLASP, Marian MacGregor sees firsthand the access to justice challenges that many Ontarians face. She is very passionate about her work in the community legal clinics system and recently, we sat down with Marian to discuss her motivation, her work at CLASP and, some of the pervasive access to justice issues that she’s encountered.

View our full interview with Marian MacGregor here.